Dr. Mohammad Kyari Dikwa, FCNA, mni, the Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Finance has been nominated a Distinguished Fellow of the International Centre for Sustainable Development, Nigeria (ICSDN).

This nomination is in line with the policy thrust, and institutional goal of the Centre of identifying, strengthening and promoting time-tested sustainable development drivers worldwide, as well as promoters of best practices in all human endeavours.

According to a letter signed by the Chairman, Awards and Honours Committee of the International Centre for Sustainable Development, Nigeria, Professor (Engr.) Akpofure Rim-Rukeh, Ph.D., COREN, and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), Federal University of Petroleum Resources (FUPRE), Effurun, Delta State, the Board of Governors of the Centre, in arriving at the nomination of Dr. Dikwa for the Award, and as part of its due diligence processes, took into cognisance his celebrated successes and achievements as well as highlight him as a self-made gentleman, a mentor par excellence and indeed a role model to the core.

This is in addition to his proven acumen in the promotion of financial prudence, distinguished originator of revolutionary ideas as exemplified in the Presidential Initiative on Continuing Audit (PICA), as well as his unparalleled contributions to financial sustainability and economic survival of the Nigerian nation.

This Award of Excellence is a direct recognition of the numerous contributions of Dr. Dikwa to the sustenance of the Nigerian economy, good governance and his proven loyalty to his fatherland.