• International Center for Sustainable Development, Nigeria (ICSDN) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, voluntary organisation that is in the vanguard of promoting Sustainable Development in all its ramifications.
  • ICSDN was established in 2002, in response to the need to promote sustainable human development in Nigeria.
  • ICSDN employs structured research, expert analyses, and time-honoured information technology tools to the challenges of Sustainable Development.
  • By means of synergetic partnerships, policy recommendations, training and dissemination of knowledge, ICSDN puts into action how human innovativeness can be used to improve the collective welfare of the environment, economy and human society.

Vision Statement

In Pursuit of Sustainable Development of Mankind.

Mission Statement

Be a leading body in the promotion of the culture of Sustainable Development in all facets of human life.

Instititutional Goal

To help in initiating, strengthening and promoting time- tested Sustainable Development best practices by working to empower businesses, governments and civil society groups through capacity building, training and re-training and other implementable assistance or measures.

Sustainable Development Goals

The sustainable development goals (SDGs) as adopted by United Nations in September 2015

Objectives of ICSDN

  • To serve as an enduring focal point for promoting best practices in Sustainable Development.
  • To act as a veritable catalyst for change by providing the platform for the Sustainable Development in local communities, businesses and civil society groups.
  • Organize exchange, twinning and linkage programmes on local communities, youth, women and student groups through knowledge sharing, impartation, job training and skill acquisition.
  • Facilitate participatory Sustainable Development of local and national programmes in relation to defined needs of women, youth groups and students.
  • Confer awards and honours on deserving persons, institutions and organisations who have contributed to sustainable development in one way or the other.
  • To conduct research, advocacy, monitor and evaluate public and private programmes to ensure they are compliant with Sustainable Development best practices.

Guiding Principles of ICSDN

  • People, communities and systems are central to ICSDN's activities.
  • ICSDN emphasizes on positive citizens empowerment rather than outcomes.
  • Sustainable Development is a commitment and not a vocation.
  • Understanding root causes of unsustainability is the first line of ICSDN's interventions.
  • Advocates for justice, freedom, equity and empowerment in ICSDN's interventions.
  • Sustainable Development must harmonize multiple interests.
  • ICSDN's activities and processes are kept simple, flexible and people-friendly.
  • Sustainable Development is strategic and requires long term commitment.
  • Sustainable empowerment is an aim of Sustainable Development.
  • Respects the dignity of every person, community or organizations.


Our membership is open to all individuals, organization and groups whose mission, activities or programmes, focus on issues that have to do with Sustainable Development. Our membership levels for approved individuals are categorized: (1) Distinguished Fellow; (2) Research Fellow; (3) Fellow; (4) Full Member; (5) Associate Member. Approved organizations are given the status of "Institutional Member." Start your membership journey today!​

Operational Strategy

ICSDN works collaboratively with various business concerns, civil society groups, governmental organizations and communities to assist them in actualizing best practices in Sustainable Development.

Funding Logistics

ICSDN is funded essentially through grants, membership dues, donations, bequests, gifts, legacies and income realized from fee-based services rendered and consultancies.

ICSDN's Key Activities

  • Building and strengthening the institutional capacities of local civil society groups and governmental agencies so as to help them do things sustainably.
  • Networking and advocacy work that will foster sustainable livelihoods.
  • In promoting sustainable natural resource management, ICSDN works with businesses and local communities in order to achieve best Sustainable Development practices in forest resource management, petroleum & gas activities and agriculture.
  • Pilot Innovative Projects: Promotion of the establishment of Community woodlots in rural communities. Promotion of sustainable fishing, farming and hunting. Promotion of development and utilization of environment-friendly energy sources. Community driven Sustainable Development initiatives. Strategic engagement and interactive training and re-training and sharing of knowledge.
  • Talent Spotting: Encouraging individuals and organisations to be in the vanguard of sustainable development.
  • Supports Community Empowerment: By helping to build on traditional know-how and previous accomplishments and strengths, ICSDN helps individuals and communities to improve their general well-being. Help carry out participatory rural appraisals and planning as well as community economic renewals in rural and urban societies.
  • Proactive Information Dissemination Undertakes on best practices in Sustainable Development by undertaking: Book Publications. Journals publications. Baseline studies. Quarterly newsletters, releases and periodicals. Press conferences and interactive Media sessions. Lectures, conferences, sittings, symposia, discussions, summits, training sessions, programmes, presentations, assemblies and conclaves.


ICSDN was first registered as International Organization for Sustainable Development in 2002. And as its activities assumed a global outlook, it was re-registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Abuja as International Centre for Sustainable Development, Nigeria in 2006.

Governance Structure

This comprised of: Board of Trustees and Governing Council

Operational Strategy

This body is charged with the responsibility of: (i) Initiating, considering and reviewing the programmes, activities, projects, the annual budget and audited reports of ICSDN (ii) Executing all the policies and programmes etc. of ICSDN and also ratifying and implementing all Decisions of the Board. (iii) To serve as an oversight to the Governing Council.

Governing Council

The Council, made up of five (5) members execute all the policies, directives guidelines issued by the Board of Trustees and is charged with the day-to-day running of ICSDN activities.

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